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Key Acts of Preparedness for CATs: Claim Payments on Location.

Are America's Insurance Companies Ready To Issue CAT Claim Payments On Location?

issuing claim payments on location

Bill Clausen
EVP – Industry Relations

As natural catastrophes in the United States continue to test the mettle of the workflows and processes of the North American Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry, each event is further exposure of each individual insurance company’s ability to live up to the expectations of their agents, field staff and most importantly their insureds.  At first blush, the opportunity is to evaluate the damage and start the process, but the reality is at that given moment, the trust and investment of premiums from that claimant up to that event is about to become the insurance company’s validation that the insured made the right choice and should continue to stay loyal.  

Many key acts of preparedness are integral for the insurance company to correctly handle this event.  However, none are more important than the adjuster’s ability and flexibility to issue a claim payment on location and begin to make the claimant whole.  It is at this moment, the insurance carrier either lives up or down to the expectations of the insured.  

Important considerations:  Can the adjuster issue claim payments on location or is it mailed out from corporate home office? The delay can feel like an eternity when the claimant needs food and shelter.  If the adjuster can issue payments on location, will it meet the company’s business rules for safety, security and control or is it considered ad-hoc from the typical workflow? If the adjuster is handwriting checks, how do you handle the check inventory and signature authority, manage the approval process, the influx of human errors, the delay in synchronization with backend processes like tying to the claim or batching for positive pay protection? If your adjusters issue payments by cards, are they pre-loaded or loaded real-time? If the cards are pre-loaded, how do you handle the inventory, shelf life and risk exposure of essentially “real cash on hand”? 

Solutions like Prelude’s PayPilot® and PointPay® help to make it possible to safely, securely and efficiently issue claim payments on location whether by check, ACH or card. PointPay even enables field staff to issue payments even if there is no internet connection as can happen during a CAT. Prelude’s solutions are designed for Insurance companies.  We are experts in the nuances of backend source systems inherent in the insurance infrastructure.  For over 22 years, Prelude has enabled companies to more efficiently run their disbursement processes while increasing security, scalability and control.  We make it possible to extend the lifecycle of your existing systems while satisfying all of the requirements to stay competitive, compliant and increase customer satisfaction.

As we know, the new age of social media has made it possible for people to share their positive and/or negative feelings with the world via a few simple keystrokes.  For insurance companies, the classic modus operandi of looking for a win-win is paramount.  Anything less than a fair shake for the insured is a recipe to undo a legacy of excellent customer service.  Customers want you to treat them the way you would want to be treated. And, as more and more ease-of-doing- business practices are pervasive in our lives, those expectations become the norm, especially during a crisis.

For more information about Prelude, our solutions and our clients, visit us at or contact Bill Clausen at 508 650-0033 x321 or .

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